RAAF C-17 Ferries Fresh Water to Hokkaido


RAAF C-17 Ferries Fresh Water to Hokkaido (1.6 mins)

The crew of a Royal Australian Air Force C-17 Globemaster ferried a vital cargo of fresh water through hazardous flying conditions to assist the disaster relief effort in Japan. The 36 Squadron crew navigated to avoid radiation from Japan's damaged nuclear power plants and flew through snow, ice and turbulence to get the job done. On Tuesday 15 March the 36 Squadron RAAF C-17 flew from a United States Air Force base near Tokyo to Chitose airport on Japan's snowbound northern island of Hokkaido to pick up 22 pallets of drinking water, then ferried the load back to the mainland for distribution by Japanese authorities to the relief effort. While on Hokkaido the aircrew worked with members of the Japanese Self Defence Force to load the C-17, overcoming the language barrier to establish a new level of Australian and Japanese interoperability and understanding. <a href=";search=20112067" target="_self"> Related Imagery</a>

Publish Date 16 Mar 2011
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